Interested in performing at Flint Local 432? Just fill out this information and click on send. We’ll get it to our booking committee right away. Please note that our priority is to support young local artists, so if you are from Genesee County and between the ages of 16 and 26 you will probably get a show sooner. We do book a lot of out-of-time and touring acts as well, but please be patient.

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  • What’s up with the venue?

    • All-ages, all the time.
    • 275 capacity.
    • In-house sound and lights.
  • How often do you book shows?

    We try and have performance events every Friday and Saturday (lots of live music, but also theatre, art, dance, film and more). We do shows on Sundays sometimes and weeknights   occasionally when the bill and situation warrant.

  • How do you decide which bands to book?

    A preference is given to local bands (Genesee County and nearby), and bands that fit it our   non-profit’s mission of reaching youth (15 to 26 or so), but we try and take care of other Michigan and touring bands as much as possible.

  • How long are the sets?

    A typical band plays 30 minutes depending on the show. New bands are welcome to play as long as they have at least 15 minutes of material.

  • How do we know when we are supposed to play?

    Every show has band’s set times slotted from the very first e-mail. You’ll know exactly when your set starts and ends, and most nights we’re within five minutes of our planned schedule.

  • How soon can we load in?

    We like everyone to be down an hour before their scheduled set time. The venue is open for bands an hour before doors, but there isn’t always room for everyone to have all their gear   inside all the time so check with the Stage Manager about when to load in and where to put your stuff.

  • Where do we load in at?

    The Local has double doors in the back that are three steps up from the alley. There will be a Stage Manager and/or a Stage Hand to let you know where stuff goes and give you a hand. After your set we’d prefer you load out through the back since there isn’t a parking lane in front of the club.

  • Can we get a sound check?

    Probably not. With 4-6 bands per night it just isn’t practical to sound check everyone. We usually just do a line check for the first band.

  • Do band have to play originals?

    A few covers are fine, especially for newer bands, but we really focus on booking original acts.

  • How do bands get paid?

    Thanks to operational support grants, virtually every dollar that comes in at the door is paid directly to bands. On an average show this could be $20 to $50 for newer local bands, more for folks better established or who are driving in from out of town.

  • What do we need to bring?

    Generally just yourselves, your instruments and your amps. The Local provides sound & lights, including mics, stands, monitors, DI boxes, etc. If you have special considerations please let us know beforehand so we can try and accommodate. No pyrotechnics, fog or smoke allowed due to building codes.


  • Can bands sell merch?

    Sure thing. We have two dedicated merch counters for bands. If those run out of room can set up a table for you. The Local does not take a cut from your merch sales.


  • What about mosh pits?

    No moshing. No stage diving. This is a music venue, and the focus should be on the performers, not on the weird performance art of an almost entirely male, young and white subset of the crowd that makes themselves a barrier to people enjoying the music. Besides that, it’s against our insurance policy – and no insurance policy means no venue. Jumping around, pushing and shoving, running into your friends, having fun, are all fine; swinging fists, kicking and other violent moves are not.